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Given the complex nature of the constantly changing relevant regulatory framework, tax advice is an indispensable service for start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses.

The main objective here is to outline a tax-planning strategy for businesses in order to ensure greater liquidity and financial stability, taking developments introduced and benefits provided by the tax authorities into account.

We advise on:

  • Tax aspects of contracts: we analyse each type of contract (employees, contractors, suppliers and customers) in order to help business owners and managers identify the best possible way forward;
  • Business cluster models: we identify the cluster that the business belongs to and analyse the extent to which it is in line with the business cluster models;
  • Corporate taxation: we help businesses to calculate and pay tax, particularly in relation to personal taxation of dividends and for those with stock options;
  • International and EU taxation: we advise on international tax law, e.g. cross-border workers, corporate transfers, Intrastat, customs issues, overseas invoicing and more;
  • Extraordinary corporate transactions: we assist companies in relation to contributions, mergers, transformations and demergers, the sale and purchase of shareholdings and the planning and implementation of international projects, as well as providing tax advice in relation to transfer pricing issues.

Advice and assistance in relation to tax audits: we assist companies in relation to tax disputes at all levels of the court proceedings, representing clients in audits by the tax authorities, in out-of-court and pre-litigation procedures run by the authorities, and in tax and customs disputes.

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