Facilitated Finance

Facilitated finance can be seen as a set of regulatory measures designed to provide various types of assistance or concessions to businesses (economic, financial, tax and insurance-related) in order to support investments for the purposes of business development or the development of a particular branch of a business.

Facilitated finance is now an integral part of the business economy, helping or facilitating businesses to secure the financial resources required for their development.

Offers of assistance and subsidies are made in specific announcements published by provincial and regional authorities, by the State on a national level and by the EU, and can relate to various different formulas and types of aid for businesses.

Looked at more specifically, there are eight different types of business support:

  • Capital grants: provision of a sum of money that does not have to be repaid (in part)
    Interest rate subsidies or facilitated credit: businesses can benefit from a reduction in the interest rate on a loan;
  • Rent subsidies: provision of a lease of real estate or equipment on favourable terms
    Tax credits: granted for R&D or to hire highly qualified personnel – a form of credit offered by the tax authorities;
  • Provision of security: allows a medium/long-term loan to be secured by providing security;
  • Tangible investments: loan for investments relating to the purchase of machinery for production and equipment and tools for the purposes of the conduct of the business;
  • Intangible investments: subsidies relating to research, design, development and advertising;
  • Patent Box: assistance relating to the economic exploitation of intangible assets and, more specifically, a reduction in the tax on the income that they produce;
  • Assistance and Training: mentoring for entrepreneurs and managers.

Business can apply in response to more than one announcement, securing one or more forms of assistance, including in parallel.

Our subsidised finance advisers help businesses to access and obtain all of the above, handling compliance with all of the necessary requirements as well as the relevant documentation to be filed.

We provide full assistance in connection with capital grants, tax credits, subsidised loans, rent subsidies, assistance and training, provision of security, tangible investments and intangible investments.

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