Financial Advice

We analyse the business’s overall economic and financial situation and recommend the most suitable financial instruments and forms of financing, facilitated and non-facilitated alike.

We work closely with businesses, carrying out in-depth analyses of their financial position and capital structure and their ability to be operationally flexible and financially independent.

In addition, it has been our practice from the start to pay particular attention to relationships with banks and to medium and long-term economic and financial management and planning.

Our specialised and highly skilled and experienced team offer specific consultancy services in the area of concessions and financing, in order to help our clients navigate the numerous opportunities on a local, regional and national level. Clarity Group acts as expert consultants in relation to opportunities of a strictly financial nature, e.g. grants and low-interest loans, etc., and all forms of facilitation, including tax incentives, e.g. tax credits or tax relief on reinvested profits.

The sole objective that our financial advisors set themselves is to meet the needs of the business, assess all investment opportunities and possibilities of access to tailor-made credit lines and put forward financial solutions in line with requirements in terms of liquidity and in the medium to long-term.

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