International Tax Law

International tax law has a dual purpose: (1) ensuring fair taxation of international economic activities and investments; (2) eliminating tax distortion in the taxation of international investments.

Our international tax advisory service ensures that businesses are taxed fairly on their international business and investments, and that tax distortions arising from the taxation of those investments are eliminated.

To achieve this, an understanding is required of the main recurring issues in international taxation, the problems related to the principle of international double taxation, and the regulatory framework in the countries in which a product or service is put on the market.

The Clarity Group’s international tax consultants analyse the tax regulations in force in foreign countries, as well as the possible ways in which businesses can start to trade in a foreign country (representative office, permanent establishment and foreign registered company), and provide a comprehensive overview of the double taxation conventions and the various regulations in force in the target countries.

In particular, we advise on: income from business overseas, subsidiaries (i.e. dividend management), interest and royalties, tax credits, transfer of companies abroad, VAT in dealings with other countries, and anti-avoidance regulations.

Our Clarity Group international tax experts can advise any business proposing to enter the Italian market or set up production sites in Italy.

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